Goal Setting

A study of how enterprises establish goals.

This paper examines how managers and subordinates jointly establish and clarify employee goals. It describes the development of instituting achievable goals entails managing the level of involvement and goal complexity and the way the goal setting is established and the way it is managed is also very important.

Goals are targets one has for some definite future date to have something talented or achieved. Every group is equally important, and more prominently should be seen as a part of the whole. As with a Russian Doll, the Team is the innermost shell, while the Corporate is the outermost shell. Is important to regularly meet to assess the status of existing goals and produce new goals for the next period. Goals are created to be achieved before the next regular meeting is considered short-term goals, while goals that will take several meetings to achieve are measured long-term goals. Short-term goals will always get the group closer to the long-term goals.


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