Quality Nursing Patient Care


This paper explains that the stipulation of quality patient care is a priority in all health care facilities. The author points out that a definitions of caring is intentional actions that convey physical care and emotional concerns and promote a sense of security in another. The paper relates that nurses’ view caring for patients’ as comforting, trusting, monitoring, facilitating, advocating, following through and meeting their psycho-social needs.

From the Paper:

“Also, when nurses’ were asked what caring behaviors do they undertake in the care of their patients, a comparison of sub-scales revealed similarities and differences between general and psychiatric nurses. Some of the similarities of importance between the nurses’ were monitoring and following through, whereas the importance of listening and talking to the patient was highly disagreeable. When asked do gender, age, qualification and work environment affect nurses’ care behaviors, comforting behavior was ranked higher by women then men and older nurses’ ranked anticipates as of higher importance than younger nurses.”


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